Saturday, 11 August 2012

★★[New Jun] Mod s0beit v4.3.1 For Sa-mp 0.3x R1-2 || Full Tutorial || Free Download Link 2013 ★★ 

Mod s0beit is the easiest and more powerful hack and trainer on Sa-mp

This Video will Show you How to Use Mod S0beit


-To open or close the sobeit press F12
-To open or close the menu press the F11 sobeit
-To select an option press Enter

Here are some of the special keys 

"INSERT"  ~||Health hack + Vehicles Health Hack||~ 
"P" Then use "I,K,L,J,U,O" ~||Break Dance In Car||~ 
"B"  ~||Car Bounce||~ 
"Back Space" ~||180° Turn||~ 
"Alt" ~||Speed Hack||~ 
"R" ~||Super Speed Hack||~ 
"Delete" ~||Flip Car||~ 
"Num 4" ~||Ghost Car||~ 
"Num 5" ~||Spider||~ 
"/" ~||Fly On Mouse||~ 

Download Link: Click here [Server 1] 

                                  Click here [Server 2]